Choosing Your Surf Style

The Deej - Friday, March 16, 2018

As the calendar inches closer to Spring and eventually to Summer the Evolve team is gearing up for another great year of fun in the sun in the water. In order to maximize our time and fun in the water we have designed, developed, tested and produce a full range of boards to fit every style and need. This includes race style boards, cruiser, fishing, inflatables, and of course a few gnarly surf styles as well. And that is the topic for today's discussion. How to choose the correct surf style SUP board for you! 

Our Evolve team spans the globe in regards to ambassadors and where we ship our boards, which means we get a lot of different questions from a variety of different people. However, a large portion of the questions we receive from our fellow water lovers centers around that of surfing. Surfing is an activity that conjures images in the imagination for anyone who has ever tried doing it or even thought about doing it. The effortless gliding, the quiet mind, and the pure stoke of being one with a wave is something people are drawn to no matter their skill level or where they may be located on the globe. And one of the best ways to get involved in the sport is on top of a SUP surf style. But this is also where the questions come in.

If you are not familiar with surfing it can be difficult to narrow down what shape, style, size and thickness you will need in order to succeed at the sport. This can lead to disheartening experiences in the ocean. We have seen it a few times- inexperienced paddlers trying their best to catch a wave not designed to be out in the swell, their rugged effort met with plenty of nose dives and a strong pull of the leash dragging them back to shore. These problems, though, can be mitigated with the proper equipment. Let's break it down in order to provide the best guide in choosing your surf style board for when you are ready to charge the waves.

Skill Level

The first category we should always discuss when buying any board is your skill level. What to consider is how long you have been paddle boarding, how many times you have been in the ocean, and especially how often you will be able to get in the ocean in order to improve your skills (this is a big one). 

The longer you have been paddling, more than likely, the better your balance will be as well as being more comfortable paddling in rapid succession in order to catch waves. If you are an experienced paddler and feel comfortable in the ocean then a smaller board will fit you better. Something in the range of our Stokester, which comes in at 9'4''x30'' or our Deej XL which is 9'6''x33'' or if you are very experienced the original Deej at 8'4''x30'' or the Goosebumps 7'11''x30''. These boards work better for the experienced paddlers as they are under 10' which gives them maneuverability in the water but also decreases stability when it's rough on the ocean. So make sure when you downsize your board, you've spent plenty of time on the water. 

Body Size

Sometimes skill level can compensate for body size. If you are an experienced paddler and have spent years on the water and the ocean, and have exceptional balance, then skill reigns supreme. However, for the average paddler, this is often not the case. The basic rule is simple: the bigger your body, the bigger your board has to be in order to float you. We have seen plenty of paddlers who get on boards that are too small for their body type and subsequently they end up fighting the board the entire time in the water instead of actually surfing. It can be frustrating for those on the board as well as those watching. Often times this will lead to the paddler giving up on surfing, proclaiming it is just not something that is for them. But, if they had started on a board that matched their size, they would at least been able to stand up in the ocean which is a huge first step. 

Luckily, Evolve produces boards that fit every body style. For those that are inexperienced and bigger the 10'10''x35'' is the best board to start on. The 5'' of volume combined with the increased width gives the paddler plenty of space to stand on, which maximizes balance. A step down from there in the 10'6''x32'' Paddilac. Though labeled as a cruiser style board, the Paddilac can also be used as a longboard style surf board in the ocean. A step down from there is the 10'x30'' Perfect 10. Which is, coincidentally, the perfect board for the bigger paddler or inexperienced paddler to enjoy a surf style tailored to cruising down the line in a smooth fashion. However, if you're still looking to go smaller but keep a longboard style that's where the 9'5''x30'' Juice comes into play. The shorter board increases maneuverability but the rounded out nose increases stability. 


As beginners start to become more comfortable in the ocean they tend to develop a certain style when it comes to surfing. And this style will often times determine what type of board they choose. Now, it is quite common for surfers to change styles depending on the day as well as what they feel like surfing, which only means you need to purchase additional boards! But the basic difference is between a longboard style cruiser/glider or a short board slashing style. Evolve produces such board types. If you're into longboarding we offer the Perfect 10 and the 9'5'' Juice. They both have the rounded out noses as previously described, a lower rocker (which is the curve of the nose going up) which produces a smoother glide on mushy waves, and the added volume to make walking on the board within everyone's capability. 

But, if you are more of a short board style surfer, with quick cuts, strong bottom turns, and hitting the lip of the wave with aggression look no further than our smaller board such as the 8'4'' Deej or 7'11'' Goosebumps. These boards offer more rocker for bigger, steeper waves, pulled in noses and tails and lower volume for easy, quick turning. You'll be able to power onto waves for hours on end with one of these boards. 

As your style develops so will your choice in boards. Most people, when they are learning to surf, opt for a longboard style as they provide an easier entry point into the waves with their added length, volume, and stability. So if you're brand new to surfing and don't have a preferred style, stick with the longboard until you progress!

Surfing is one of those activities which benefits greatly from time on the water. The more you go, the better you will become at it. Unfortunately most people become discouraged after a few tries, often times chalking up other people's success at the sport to 'natural talent'. And while it may be true, some people are naturally gifted surfers, it is decidedly untrue that certain people will never be able to succeed at it. After all, it takes time, patience, discipline, a will to succeed, a love for the ocean, and most of all, the correct board just to get started! Hopefully this post will help you in the beginning stages as you start to develop the rest of those necessary qualities. 

Yoga Pod!

Ron Gossard - Sunday, February 18, 2018

As our name implies, we are a company always look to grow, expand, and of course, Evolve. We are always looking towards the horizon for new ideas about how to get on the water that is both fun and exciting. This has lead us to develop an industry leading brand full of unique race board and surf board designs. As well as the implementation of our Flow Motion Fitt brand featuring our fitness mats that get people exercising on the water inside where it may not be readily available or in weather not suitable for outdoor paddling. With this drive of innovation and implementation we are proud to introduce our Evolve Yoga Pod. 

Consisting of an inflated center mat, measuring at 8'x6'8''x8'' thick, this platform is the perfect spot for any yoga or paddling instructor to anchor down and do what they do best- offer advice and teach paddling or yoga! Along with this comes the ability to anchor eight boards to the center inflatable for easy use of large paddling groups and yoga boards on inflatables of any kind. The ease of access and the ability to anchor to the center pod make it the perfect way to enjoy the water for classes and give ease of access to the instructors during the classes. This pretty much eliminates the annoyance of being lost in the back of the class as well as the inability to hear instructors during classes which can be a common occurrence for outdoor practices and classes. 

Members of the classes will still receive out top of the line, durable inflatable boards with cross-stitching and rigid structure which make paddling an inflatable board incredibly enjoyable and hard to detect that you are actually standing on air. Our stainless rings on the front and back of the boards makes anchoring to the center piece a breeze with the use of a durable bungee or whatever your preferred method may be. With this ease comes the freedom for paddlers to make their way through the water before class and after class to give them not only a great yoga experience, but paddling experience as well. 

Of course, it is not lost on us as to who will benefit from this design. Anyone with a SUP yoga business, SUP rental business, or even vacation spots looking to expand options for their customers- we guarantee you will not only find our pod the best in the industry but incredibly fun for every customer that has the luck of using one. 

Look for our Yoga Pod on the water, and if you get a chance to take a class on one, we suggest you do! It is an experience unlike any other. 

We are very proud of our design, the durability of our products, and our drive to keep things interesting on the water. As long as you keep paddling on the water, we'll keep evolving our products to fit your needs. And like always, we look forward to seeing you paddling at your favorite spot!

Flow Motion Fitt!

The Deej - Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hey everyone!! Have we told you about our other project Flow Motion? Well if not, then we will! 

Flow Motion in it's basic form is a part of our company that produces inflatable mats used for indoors or outdoor venues for aquatic fitness and balance. As our production of inflatable boards began to grow and we saw the insatiable need for transporting boards to and from different locations with ease, a new area of fitness came into our view. From there, we started using our inflatable boards inside, and more specifically in pools across the coast. This had moderate success and those who tried our inflatable boards in the pool were for the most part, ecstatic just to be standing up on one. However, we thought there was more to it. 

We started having ideas about a mat that could be used for an all-around purpose. Something that would challenge balance, increase cardiovascular health, could be used for yoga, and accommodate every body type and skill level. And with this idea in mind, our fitness mats were created! 

They feature the best parts of our inflatable boards, with a newly designed shape to fit into swim lanes and other tight sports a board cannot. They are crafted out of extremely durable, military-grade materials with drop stitch construction which allows it to withstand daily use in aquatic fitness. The platform measures at 7'10''x35''x6'' to provide amply stability for everyone. But not too much stability! We want our fitness freaks to get a bit of a challenge. 

As the early models came in, we drove up and down the East Coast in search of YMCA's and other public pools in need of something fun and interesting for their patrons. And what we discovered was beyond our expectations. Not only did people enjoy messing around on them in the water, but they looked forward to the challenge of doing burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups, and other moves on the mat in order to increase their fitness. And if you've ever been on one of our mats yourself, you know fully well how difficult they can be! And how much they can increase your fitness abilities incrementally. 

They started to gain popularity and so we started to expand our thinking. What next? Well, we landed on our yoga pods. This pod connects mats to the outside, allowing participants full access to the teacher standing on the center during class. They can be used indoors, or as most of our early participants enjoyed, outdoors! The sound of the natural world, while floating on water, turns out, enhances the experience of yoga a thousand percent. Who would have thought? ;)

We knew we had something interesting so we kept knocking on doors and getting people to try it. And they did! And they loved it. From there we crafted our own training, programs, and spread it up and down the coast to various YMCA locations as well as others. And we cannot be happier with the results. Flow Motion has become a very essential portion of our dream of spreading the water lifestyle to those who are looking for it. Of course, if you would like to attend a class, have any questions, or need any additional information, please feel free to message us at: Or visit our Flow Motion page at:

Evolve Foils Are Here!!

The Deej - Friday, January 12, 2018

By now, we have all seen it. The videos of SUP kings such as Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter and others, floating above the water, standing on a small board, catching waves that are too small for anyone else to grab. The scenes seem magical, impossible even. But what kind of board is it? And how does it fly above the water, seemingly defying gravity?

Well, the answer to the first question is simple- it is called a foil board. The first boards were created and tested decades ago by such pioneers in the surfing industry as (of course) Laird Hamilton. The technology existed back in the early 1900's when Italian inventor Enrico Forlanini started using them for small boats. His ideas naturally translated to water skis, to kite surfing, to boards with attached boots on them, and now to the modern carbon boards you see Lenny and company ride.

The boards offer the ability to catch small waves, glide endlessly in thew water, and allow surfers a clean, smooth ride elevated above the water. But how do they work? According to Collin Bangs, a production manager for the company Air Chair, one of the few companies specializing specifically in foils, "[The hyrdofoil] works under the exact same principles as an airplane. You have two wings, one in the back and one in the front as a stabilizer, and you have high pressure and low pressure areas on the wing. And as it moves through the water, that creates lift just like with an airplane." The water, obviously, takes the place of air, and by generating enough speed on the boards, it pushes it out of the water and you up surfing on the wings instead of the board itself. Giving the rider the illusion they are flying through the air. 

And as the foil board became more popular, our team at Evolve started to take notice. We tested boards we made by adding a foil into our existing surf models. We tore down and rebuilt an 8'4'' Deej surf style by installing a tuttle box and trying different size foils. We tried carbon wings and aluminum masts. We tested them by pulling ourselves behind boats and flying into East Coast waves (responsibly of course). And through our efforts we came upon our newest addition to the lineup: The Wasp.

Coming in at 7'4''x28.5'' of high quality construction, the Wasp is our premiere flying foil board. The aluminum mast measures at 27.5'' with carbon wings measuring 29.5'' in the front and 15'' in the back. And along with our perfected specifications comes our signature, sleek, Evolve design and color scheme. We are very proud of our newest creation and know that our customers will be beyond satisfied to glide into waves and fly above the water. Foil boards are here to stay, and by how fun they are to ride, we are more than happy about it. 

For additional information or questions please contact us at:

Dealer Spotlight- Over Board Paddle and Fitness!!

The Deej - Thursday, March 09, 2017

We asked our friends over at Over Board Paddle and Fitness a few questions in order to get a better idea of who they area. If you're ever in their area on the Eastern Shore of MD be sure to check them out for calm water paddling and a beautiful sunset!!

Where are you located?

East New Market, MD (Eastern Shore)

When did you first open?


What got you into the SUP business?

The love of fitness and the water!! It's the perfect combination.

What is your favorite place to paddle near you?

Cedar Grove Beach

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

Watching one of my dearest friends SUP who lost her leg in a motorcycle accident.

Do you have any favorite local SUP events?

Any Special Olympics SUP events.

What is you favorite place to grab a meal after a SUP session?

Suicide Bridge- Tiki Bar

What is your favorite Evolve Board?

Big Sexy

Name anything unique about your area! Whatever you'd like below!!

On the Eastern Shore we are surrounded by beautiful calm waters to SUP!! Sandy bottoms and beautiful sunsets!!

Board Profile: 14' Killer Bee!!

The Deej - Sunday, February 26, 2017
Today's board profile is the brand new 14' Killer Bee!! The Killer Bee is shaped and moves much like it's name. Designed with the serious racer in mind, it boasts a 14' length, a narrow 23'' or 25'' width, full rails coming in at 270L for the 25'' and 256L for the 23'', flat rocker lines for quick movement in the water, and a square descending tail which releases water with ease. The Killer Bee also comes in a carbon model and fiberglass model to give the customer a choice between each construction!

So, now that the introduction is taken care of, what is this board best used for?

To race!!! ...of course. And to flat water paddle long distances. The Evovle team has been involved in many races, ranging from the Molokai to Oahu, the Rincon Beach Boy, the Cold Stroke Classic, and the list can go on. We have been racing paddleboards for as long as there were races to be in. And it is through this constant dedication and time spent on the water testing, re-testing, and innovating shapes that we were able to come up with our newest model- the Killer Bee.

When racing first started to become popular and the first race boards were engineered and designed, there seemed to be a trend in the way they were shaped. This being a low keel/cutting bow type nose- with the idea being that the nose would sit low in the water, cutting the surface area of the water, and propelling the paddler to a quicker rate. Most tails on the older models were square and flat and thinned out the farther down the board it went. (Think almost like a steady decline from the nose to the tail) And these earlier models worked great! But then the tinkering came into the picture and we started noticing a few things on our models.

We thought- what if we were to instead make a fuller nose that doesn't sit deep in the water? Because we would often see the noses of those early models sit too low in the water and actually create drag and resistance- thus making the paddler stroke twice as hard, and lose half of the glide. And then we thought- what if instead of gradually reducing the thickness of the board all the way to the tail, we instead left the same rail thickness until the end and then sharply cut it down almost as if the thickness fell off a cliff- making buoy turns more stable by being able to step farther back on the board without sinking the tail all the way into the water which would often result in poor balance and making the turn slower and less stable. So we did- and we came up with the Killer Bee!

We kept the good- the recessed deck to create a lower center of gravity which increases balance, the drainage hole to release water which splashed onto the deck, the tie-downs straps, the raised felt handle made for beach starts, and the kick pad for turns, and just added the little tweaks to the nose and tail. And what we have come up with, is simply our best race model to date.

So, if you're looking to get into the race game- look no further than our new Killer Bee. Because if you don't, you'll most likely be looking at the tail of it as it passes you on the water!

Dealer Spotlight- Melissa Marie Yoga

The Deej - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Melissa Marie Yoga, located in Harleysville, Pennysylvania, is one of our new, up and coming dealers specializing in yoga and SUP. We asked her a few questions on what makes her experience in SUP unique and how she got into the sport. Check out her answers below!! And if you are in her area, check her out, and expand your practice in and out of the water!

Where are you located?
(address) Harleysville, PA

When did you first open?
I became an Evolve Dealer in August of 2016.

What got you into the SUP business? 
I snowboard and longboard with my kids, so SUP fascinated me from the moment I saw a pic of someone doing it! When I finally got the courage to try it, I was HOOKED! During this time, I also became a Certified Yoga Teacher. For me, the progression from my mat to a board seemed natural. Who wouldn’t love combining two of their favorite activities????? The quiet of the water plus the meditative qualities of yoga are a seamless fit!

What is your favorite place to paddle near you?
I love going to Lake Nockamixon near our home – when I’m jonesing for a paddle fix. When I want a different type of vibe, I head to Long Beach Island, NJ to catch a sunset on the back bay.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP? 
My favorite moments always involve getting my loved ones in on the magic of SUP – my aunt standing up for the first time; my friend, knowing he was going to fall in, making it the most fantastic splash down he could; watching my son grab his fishing rod and tackle box and paddle to his quiet spot to try to get a nibble; letting the current take my other son and I where it wanted, while he talked my ear off about what was going on in his teenage life; watching the sunset with my hubby from the middle of the lake. This past year, I received a gift from my husband and sons. My husband commissioned two dear friends, who invited my sons to help them, to build me a handcrafted wood SUP board. The idea that all four of them used their hands to make a pile of wood into the most gorgeous board ever still blows my mind! SUP brings about so much…ease…within yourself, within your relationships. I wouldn’t trade paddle time for anything.


Do you have any favorite local SUP events? 
There aren’t many SUP events in my area, but I plan on changing that.

What is you favorite place to grab a meal after a SUP session?
After a sesh at Lake Nockamixon, there are two places you MUST go: Vera’s Country Kitchen for a meal and the Owowcow Creamery for the best organic ice cream!

What is your favorite Evolve Board? 
I LOVE the Roots inflatable board – it fits in the back of my Jeep for those last minute paddles!

Name anything unique about your area! Whatever you'd like below!! 
We are not far from the city, but we live in the quiet of the country. The beach and the mountains are under two hours away. And there are tons of lakes and small bodies of water nearby – when you need water, we can find it!!

To contact Melissa about yoga classes and board sales, feel free to reach out to her here:

Follow me on Facebook at

Chase me on Twitter @missymarieyoga

Check me out on Instagram @melissamarieyoga

Add me on Snapchat @missymarieyoga

Board Profile: Perfect 10!

The Deej - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Here at Evolve, we like to give our customers a more in depth look into the boards we produce- which is why we've decided to begin a new blog series called "Board Profiles." In them we will discuss the dimensions of the board, the uses for that particular model, what type of paddler fits on each board, and the conditions in which that particular model works best in. 

With that being said- to kick of our Profile series, today's board is the Perfect 10!! Woot woot! Named after it's length, the board measures 10'x30'' with a rail measuring in at 4.5''- making this board great for the mid to heavy rider as it will float 173 litres comfortably. It is also equipped with a W style handle which makes it easy on those fingers and forearms to carry, a spot for tie down straps, and a Go Pro plug for those looking to capture their action on the board. 

So, what is this board used for? 

That's easy- everything!! The designers at Evolve noticed there was a small void in our lineup between the 10'6'' Padillac and our 9'5'' surf model, so we decided to fix it by creating the Perfect 10. Even on flat water, you won't be losing any glide by being on it. The low rocker line and length make it a great board for the average paddler to take a light cruise around the bay or on the creek.

Now, it may not glice as well as the Padillac because of its pulled in tail and loss of length so keep that in mind when choosing a board if you are only going to paddle in the flat water. Simply because, the other use for the Perfect 10 is in the surf!! Designed for East Coast waves, the Perfect 10 was crafted with the idea of bringing that smooth longboard style to SUP. The pulled in and narrow tail make it a breeze to turn into any wave and the rounded spoon-style nose means practicing your cross steps to the front and back is fun! Sooner or later you may even be able to hang one toe over the nose. However, as with any longboard or longboard style SUP, they do have their limitations in bigger surf. Now, we aren't saying definitively that you CAN'T surf the Perfect 10 in big waves, just that maybe there is a board out there in the Evovle lineup which may be better for it. This is because of the low rocker line on the board. The rocker, or the way the board curves up at the nose and the tail, constitutes what type of surf is best for any SUP or surfboard. Traditionally the lower the rocker line, the smaller the waves it should be found in. And vice versa- the more rocker the board has, the bigger the waves it's designed for. With the Perfect 10 in mind, the lower rocker shape makes it very easy and comfortable to catch waves anywhere in the 1-2' to 3-4' range. It'll paddle fast, catch them early, and the glide is unmatched once you're sailing on the wave. But, as waves tend to get bigger, they also tend to become more hollow- making the drops into the waves much, much steeper. And with steepness comes a tendency to fly over the front of the board as it can be difficult to keep it from diving the nose straight down into the face of the wave- which is why boards with high amounts of rocker and usually only found in big waves. Of course, if this doesn't make any sense to you- just remember, the Perfect 10 is a great board for the flatwater and moderate surf. In fact, we believe it to be our most versatile board, and because of this, can be the only board you'll ever need in your quiver!! So if you're looking to purchase one- we already know, it'll be the perfect board for you. See what I did there? Ha. It's the PERFECT board for you. The PERFECT 10. Ha, I'm clever. Oh. Yeah. I know. You got it. haha We look forward to seeing you out on the water!! And for anyone interested- check out our resident Perfect 10 ambassador @johnnybmore on Instagram and Facebook. He's taken the board through it's paces and has come out smiling on the other end. Way to go Johnny!!

Dealer Spotlight- CB SUP

The Deej - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CB SUP, our premiere Colorado Evolve dealer, is located in the picturesque mountain town of Crested Butte. We asked the owners, Courtney and Braden a few questions on what makes them unqiue. Check out their answers below! And if you find yourself in the highlands of Colorado, missing the beach, look them up and feel comfortable on the water even when in the mountains!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

What is the address of your spot?                                                                                                                     

607 6th St. Crested Butte, CO                                                                                                                                                  

When did you first open?                                                                                                                            


What got you into the SUP business?                                                                                                               

I dragged Courtney out to the cold mountains and she just wants to lay in the sun in a bikini and enjoy the water! So we had to bring the beach flavor to our new spot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

What is your favorite place to paddle near you?                                                                                              

Our favorite paddle spot is the Slate River of the Blue Mesa. The Slate River is a mellow, extremely scenic river paddle while the Blue Mesa is the largest body of water in Colorado. There are countless hidden nooks and areas to paddle around the Blue Mesa, every time I go there I discover something new.                                                                                                                                                                                         

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?                                                                                             

Filming a pond skim segment at Velocity Basin in Silverton, Colorado. It was 33 degree water, glaciers floating on it, and professional skier were skimming over the pond while we paddled around for the film Fade to Winter, by MatchStick Productions (MSP).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Do you have any favorite local SUP events?                                                                                                   

The Blue Mesa Beach Bash! CB SUP helped create this event last year- it's the first of its kind in our area. It's just a fun day on the water with live music, SUP golf, yoga, paddle wars, races- anything you can think of to do on a paddle board.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

What is your favorite place to grab a meal after a SUP session?                                                                    

 Teocalli Tamale. It's a local ''fast food'' Mexican food joint. Great burritos!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What is your favorite Evolve Board?                                                                                                                 

We love the Evolve Inflatable Boards. They are super light and easy to hike with- they are our go to adventure boards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Name anything unique in your area! Whatever you'd like below!!                                                                     

Crested Butte is at the end of the road- in order to get there, you have to know about it and really want to be there. It makes our town a really unique area. We are here to help people #paddlethemountains                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Top 5 Yoga Poses on a Paddleboard

Ron Gossard - Thursday, February 02, 2017

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Try on a Paddleboard

1. Downward dog: Trying downward dog SUP-style invites a fresh feeling into this classic posture. Your hands and feet will work together to calibrate and balance, as you feel the shifting energy between the water and your board beneath you. The warm sun on your back and the aquatic ambience doesn’t hurt, either. I especially love spreading my fingers wide across my cork yoga mat, while my calves lengthen and my heels head for grounding. The Yoloha cork top on the Evolve paddleboard becomes grippier when wet, acting like the perfect yoga mat. Your heart will melt even further towards the board as your chest and back lengthen. 

2. Chakrasana (Wheel Pose): If you know how opening and energetic this pose can feel in a studio, it becomes even more freeing on a paddleboard. Balance, back strengthening, and an open-heart make this posture a must when you take your yoga to SUP. For beginning yogis or paddlers, you may choose a gentler option for this posture, such as setu bandhasana (bridge pose)

3. Lunge/Warrior I & II:

Each of these poses has something different to offer, and they all become uniquely challenging on a paddleboard. For some yogis, these postures become so comfortable and familiar that the mind wanders off. Trying lunges and warrior poses on a paddleboard is a humbling experience, because the added element of balance keeps you focused. Not to mention, you’ll fire up core and leg muscles you may have forgotten about

4. Extended side angle: Once again, the added challenge of balance makes this pose feel new. While it offers a chance to ground and redefine stability, you’re still creating a strong line of length through the side bodies. It doesn’t hurt to lift your heart and face to the sun here, either! 

5. Headstand: For someone looking to take their practice to the next level, trying a headstand on a paddleboard can present a new and exciting challenge. Your presence of mind will be essential to finding the right amount of balance that makes this asana possible. The good thing about practicing a headstand on a paddleboard is that it doesn’t hurt if you tumble- you’ll just cool off!


After you’ve had fun playing around with poses SUP style, don’t forget to take some time in Savasana on you board. There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into your paddleboard, while your fingertips caress the water, and you listen to the sounds unfold all around you. Namaste!